How Eating Garlic Daily Improves Your Health

Motto: “Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food.”

If you’re following the news, you’re probably reading every day about some sort of biological threat, whether we’re talking about nasty bacterium in fast-foods/processed foods like E-coli or Campylobacter, or a strange and potentially lethal strain of virus, especially exotic ones like Ebola. On top of that, we are confronted with so-called safe drugs, FDA approved and all that, which turn out to be quite dangerous for human health. For example, there’s aspirin, which has been touted as the safest and best drug since, I don’t know, cocaine? Just kidding, but aspirin is now known to induce brain hemorrhages and bleeding gastric ulcers if taken regularly for prolonged periods of time.

Moreover, we have pollutants in the air we breathe and the water we drink, like the fungus which causes Valley Fever or the inconspicuous and claimed to be safe chlorine, which is in our tap water, among other things. Chlorine does a good job killing bacteria in our water supply, but on the other hand increases one’s risk to develop colon cancer. But wait, there’s more: he have toxic metals in our metal fillings and roadways (yeah, that’s quite a stretch), thinks like lead and mercury, not to mention common digestive tract diseases provoked by parasitic germs like Candida albicans or Helycobacter Pylori.  Then, there are all sorts of nasty substances in our commercially available foods, especially in baked goods and processed foods: toxic sugars like fructose, excitotoxins  like monosodium glutamate (MSG), carcinogens like dioxin, acrylamide or nitrosamines and so on and so forth.

It’s true that there are many studies trying to address and mitigate each and every one of these health threats, but there’s no peer reviewed study that I know of that has a gestalt view over all these threats as a whole. And that’s due to how modern medicine works, i.e. it treats each of these health risks separately, and then Big Pharma kicks in, developing costly drugs and narrow/obtuse treatments which almost never address the cause of the disease, but merely the symptoms.

The problem?

There’s no known medicine or treatment which can provide you with a proper defense against all of these threats. After all, we live in a day and age when people taking antibiotics by the bucket without prescription have created super-bugs, i.e. we are now confronted with things like antibiotic resistant pneumonia, tuberculosis etc. It was a long preamble, but it is important to create situational awareness in our readers with regard to the importance of having a comprehensive defense strategy against all biological threats. And yes, there is such a thing, a magic bullet, an old remedy, aka one antidote to solve all worlds’ problems, vampires included. And you’ve guessed it right: it’s garlic.

The primary active principle in garlic is not the stench, but a powerful antioxidant called allicin, which has many uses, including therapy, prevention and aging. So, to begin with, garlic is great for heavy metal detoxification cures, as it can chelate copper, lead, iron and cadmium better than drugs. Due to its ability to remove iron from your system, you can use garlic in fatty liver disease.

Allicin dramatically reduces damage/oxidation to tissues and DNA by neutralizing basically all oxidants, i.e. singlet oxygen, oxygen free radicals, hydroxyl radicals and nitrogen free radicals. But, must importantly, garlic does not destroy the good bacteria in your digestive tract, unlike many pharma-drugs. Eating garlic daily will help with mitigating the nasty effects of environmental pollution, and we’re talking about known carcinogens such as asbestos and dioxin. Garlic also works wonders with mitigating health-effects of poor life-style habits, such as smoking, drinking alcohol and binge-eating (not kidding).

Another interesting factoid is that you can safely take garlic daily along with your regular medication, as garlic works protectively/synergistically with antifungal/antibacterial drugs and statins. By protecting DNA from damage, allicin is excellent for reducing the effects of aging on your internal organs and circulatory system. One human study found that garlic can inhibit TNF (tumor necrosis factor) by 47 percent. TNF is an essential marker of inflammation by the way. And speaking of inflammation, the sulfur in garlic normalizes your body’s immune response.

Combating infectious disease

Garlic has been proven to be able to kill a wide spectrum of nasty bugs, including viruses, bacteria, amoeba, fungi, malaria, and even nematodes and ticks, along with protecting against food poisoning. And the best thing is that garlic does not induce germ resistance, even if it works great in terms of eradicating a broad spectrum of germs. When it comes to treating antibiotic resistant bacteria, garlic is better than some antibiotics, without unpleasant side effects. Another cool thing about garlic is that it totally destroys warts, with go away forever with zero recurrence reported. Seventy percent of Americans suffer from Candida albicans, while fifty two percent have H. Pylori; and yes, garlic kills off these nasty bugs. On top of that, taking garlic while pregnant will protect your baby in the womb. Seriously, check it out[1]. And speaking of “inside-guests”, garlic eradicates both the tapeworm and hookworms.

Cancer is one of world’s biggest killers, and garlic has been shown to inhibit cancer growth, while also protecting against cancer-inducing agents in processed foods, such as nitrosamines. But wait, it gets even better: garlic can help with controlling cholesterol levels, decalcifies arteries, helps with preventing strokes provided it’s taken regularly, reduces damage in the event of a heart-attack and it can do a great job in treating heart-failure.  Also, garlic is excellent as an anti-blood clotting agent; on top of that, it’s completely safe compared to aspirin, and also more potent . Considering the fact that aging is the main factor in chronic disease, garlic’s chelating properties make it great for addressing the aging process itself (helps with DNA damage). For example, a peer reviewed study shown conclusively that garlic prolongs life. In roundworms, okay, but it’s a start.

And if you are wondering about safety, garlic is safer than statins, aspirin and it has virtually zero side effects.  According to a report from the eighties published in the Journal of the National Medical Association[2], garlic has played a crucial role as the “weapon of choice” in the pharmacy of many civilizations for the last 2000 years, including the Chinese, Hebrew, Egyptian, Indian, Greek, Roman and Japanese, as no other substance, whether man-made or natural can match garlic’s therapeutic effectiveness and versatility. Sulfur compounds and allicin found in garlic are excellent antimicrobial factors, and it’s a shame that modern medicine fails to recognize these facts and keeps prescribing toxic and ineffective drugs, which have already resulted in Dark Ages diseases making a big comeback.

I hope the article helped. If you have question and/or comments, don’t hesitate to use the dedicated section below. Stay healthy and don’t forget to eat a clove of raw garlic every day!



[2] chrome-extension://oemmndcbldboiebfnladdacbdfmadadm/https:/

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