10 Best Gifts for Survivalists and Doomsday Preppers

Valentine’s day is another excuse to give your boyfriend or husband a gift in addition to spending a romantic dinner or lunch. For the more adventurous ones, here are Valentines gifts for him that are perfect for his survival needs.

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Perfect Valentines Gifts for Him

bushcraft-survival-knife-best-friend-forest Valentines Gifts for Him

1. Purifying Straw

Surviving in the woods can be tough for the average Joe but any survivalist or doomsday prepper would survive easily as long as they have a source of water for hydration.


That is why this purifying straw is one of the perfect Valentines gifts for him. There are tons of options and brands but LifeStraw is one of the most popular ones.

Contrary to what some people may know. Water from a stream or flowing water from a mountain isn’t totally drinkable. But with the use of a portable straw/filter, hydration would not be a problem and can keep you alive for as long as you can out in the wild.

2. Tactical Pen

tactical-blade-pen Valentines Gifts for Him

Another great gift idea for doomsday preppers is a tactical pen. If self-defense is one of the main concerns of the person you’re gifting it to, then a tactical pen is a perfect option to keep him safe at all times.

This product acts as a normal pen and at the same time can be used as a very harmful weapon.

3. Fishing Card

In addition to hunting and surviving in the wild without anything, giving your better half a fishing card can be essential when you’re looking for food out in the open.

A fishing card features different fishing items such as hooks and lures, packed and concealed in a credit card-sized assembly that can easily fit in any pocket or wallet.

Moreover, it also acts as a multi-tool to keep anyone safe anywhere.

4. Firestarter Kit

magnesium-flint-fire-steel-leather-case Valentines Gifts for Him


Being out in the wild without any source of heat can be dangerous. That is why giving this firestarter kit as a Valentines gift for him is perfect for multiple purposes.

First, it can help start a fire to keep anyone warm at night. Also, it can help start a fire for cooking food.

5. Emergency Survival Seeds

Imagine if the world crumbles and nobody is left except for you and your partner. Starting life from scratch can be a headache. However, life must go on, and having emergency survival seeds can help a person start over and live a normal life in case of a fallout.

Having emergency survival seeds can bring life back to the world with various fruits and vegetables that can grow easily and could offer nutrients and sustain life.

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6. Solar Powered Generator

One of the great Valentines gifts for him is a solar-powered generator. Survivalists and doomsday preppers can think of the worst-case scenarios and a total power meltdown is one of them.

But if you have a solar-powered generator, electricity could never be a problem.

Even though its use is not limited to survival, a generator can also be used in power outages that are crucial especially during the cold winter nights.

7. Survival Shovel

small-tourist-shovel-which-man-holds Valentines Gifts for Him
A survival shovel is one of the most useful Valentines gifts for him. It can be used in different scenarios and can be the perfect multitool when you’re surviving out in the wild.

Furthermore, it can also be used in camping and can help set up tents, chop up lumber, or dig up holes for fire or shelter.

8. Survival Axe

The same goes for a survival axe but with a more straightforward approach of use. This survival item can be used as a weapon or a tool to help a person manage his way through the woods.

A survival axe can also break glass, used as a hammer, or a saw.

9. Stun Gun Flashlight

For a more non-lethal but disabling tool to have, a stun gun flashlight is one of the best Valentines gifts for him on this list. Tools like this can not only work as a weapon to protect anyone from threats but can also be used as a useful tool in the dark.

A tool like this looks like a normal flashlight with an extra button on the side which can spark electricity and be used as a stun gun shooting high voltages from the bezel of the device.

10. HAM Radio

amateur-radio-station-closeup-transciever Valentines Gifts for Him

In times of trouble or fallout, any doomsday prepper would appreciate a HAM radio as a gift. In case of any emergency with you being alone, having a means of communicating with other people is very essential to have, especially if you’re out in the wild with no cellphone reception.

These items are perfect Valentines gifts for him, especially if your loved one is a certified survivalist or a doomsday prepper. These items are great things to have to help survival become a lot easier.

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Have you thought of getting any of these perfect Valentines gifts for him? Do you mind sharing it with us? Let us know what it is in the comment section below.

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