Best 2-Point Slings for AR-15 & More

I see many hunters and target shooters using rifles without a sling attached. I find this odd because, outside of a few specific situations, I consider a rifle sling essential.

A rifle sling is a piece of safety equipment as well as a tried-and-true method of increasing accuracy from almost any rifle. In my opinion, a rifle without a sling is only half-finished.

A 2-point rifle sling is perhaps the simplest of all types of rifle slings you can choose. When in use, a 2-point sling attaches to your rifle near the front and at the back. Traditionally, a 2-point sling’s attachment points are found on the foreguard and at the bottom of the buttstock.

As simple as they may seem, the variations available on 2-point slings can make deciding which sling you need very confusing. There are variations on the standard 2-point sling that add to its functionality as well as a plethora of materials and attachment methods to consider. Hopefully, my list will make sorting through this confusion a bit easier.

In this article, I’ll give my top pick for:

  • Leather two-point slings
  • Synthetic two-point slings
  • Tactical two-point slings

What to Look For in a Two-Point Sling

Gun slings are a lot like shoes. There are many things to consider when picking them out. What kind do you need? What purpose does it need to fill? What materials should be used in its construction?

And let’s not forget what could be the most important in both shoes and a sling: How well does it fit?

As I look at the different two-point slings on my list, I will address each of these questions. If you understand what you need and expect from your rifle sling, this should help you make a good choice when the decision time comes.

My Choices for the Best Two-Point Sling

There are hundreds of different manufacturers offering just as many different styles of two-point slings. Finding the best in this kind of abundance can be overwhelming. To cut through the clutter, I have categorized my choices of the best two-point sling by style and use. I hope that this will give you a clear idea of how and why I chose each two-point rifle sling for my list.

Best Leather Two-Point Sling for Hunting Rifles – DETROIT LEATHER SHOP USA Handmade Slider Buckle Rifle Sling

leather gun sling

Almost all hunters are familiar with the traditional leather two-point rifle slings. A fine leather sling attached to a beautifully crafted hunting rifle is a classic visual for most of us. If you want that sort of traditional look for your fine hunting rifle, a Detroit Leather sling is a fantastic choice.

My choice of the best leather hunting rifle sling is the Detroit Leather Slider Buckle Rifle Sling. This sling provides the best in traditional looks with great features and outstanding value. You won’t be disappointed with this sling on your rifle as you set out on that next trophy hunt.


Made in the USA by Hand

Detroit Leather Shop builds some of the finest leather shooting products on the market. All Detroit Leather Shop products are made in the USA from domestically produced leather.

Each leather sling is made by hand without the use of power tools. This ensures a high-quality gun sling that will provide years of uncompromising service.


You can order your Detroit sling with a variety of hardware in several different finishes. Each sling from Detroit Leather includes sling swivels made of the finest materials for long and durable use.

Length and Adjustability

You may prefer a single-length sling or an adjustable model. Detroit Leather can accommodate both styles to fit your needs. Fixed-length slings measure 36 inches from swivel to swivel. Slide buckle models can adjust from 29 inches to 36 inches in length A buckle slide style can be adjusted from 26 to 40 inches.

leather gun slings

One hundred percent U.S. leather is the hallmark of Detroit Leather slings. Your choice of buffalo brown or black is highlighted by the all-metal hardware. The leather finish is hand applied and includes a mixture of natural oils and beeswax.

leather gun accessories

Pros and Cons of the Detroit Leather Rifle Slings

  • Highest quality materials and construction that can be purchased.
  • Made by a company with a long history of design and construction in the leather industry.
  • Heavy-duty metal hardware to handle rough conditions.
  • More expensive than other leather slings on the market, but the quality and craftsmanship more than make up the difference.

Why I Chose Detroit Leather Shop as the Best Leather Two-Point Sling

I chose this sling for two reasons: It’s handcrafted in the USA and has the quality you expect from a thoroughbred.

It doesn’t matter to me whether the sling is going on a low-end entry rifle for a novice hunter or on the most expensive custom-built rifle imaginable. Both deserve a rifle sling that is without reproach. These are the things that make Detroit Leather Shop rifle slings stand out for me.

Best Traditional Two-Point Synthetic Rifle Sling – Caldwell Max Grip Two Point Rifle Sling

Caldwell Max Grip Two Point Rifle Sling

If traditional leather isn’t your thing, perhaps a synthetic or canvas rifle sling is more your style. These materials have been used for hundreds of years as rifle slings and still have a place in our modern world for this purpose.

Often you get the traditional look in a material that is lighter, more durable, and easier to maintain than leather. For this reason, many shooters prefer a canvas or nylon traditional styled two-point sling. You will probably get more color choices for your sling with this category of materials.


Caldwell has taken the best of the old and melded it with the best of the new to create this traditional styled two-point sling.

The use of over-molded ergonomic non-slip features on the strap to a proprietary sealing process that ensures your sling won’t bring any unwanted scents to your hunt make it a great option for many.

Looking at the features of this sling quickly reveals why it made my list of two-point slings:

Shape and Design

Caldwell has chosen a very traditional design for their Max Grip sling. The sling is shaped with a wider portion of the strap where the sling crosses over the user’s shoulder during carrying. The over-molded padded portion of the sling resists slipping, and the additional width affords greater comfort than thinner slings.

Hardware and Fittings

Each Caldwell Max Grip Sling is accompanied by all-metal quick detach sling swivels. If your rifle is already equipped with swivel attachment points, simply click and attach your sling, adjust the length, and you are on your way.

Adjustable Length

You can adjust your Caldwell sling from 20 inches to 41 inches to accommodate any size rifle. The quick slide buckle makes adjustments easy but remains secure when you are comfortable with your settings.

Pros and Cons of the Caldwell Max Grip Sling

  • Easy to use and install with the supplied quick detach sling points.
  • Durable construction using the best available materials for a long life.
  • Adjustable to fit a range of rifle lengths and body sizes.
  • Comfortable over-molded max grip shoulder strap for hours of pain-free carry.
  • The sling swivels are not replaceable.

Why I Chose the Caldwell Max Grip Sling

To be honest, I prefer a leather sling if I am going to carry a conventional traditional sling on my rifle. However, some people prefer synthetic or natural materials over leather. In that case, I would select the Caldwell Max Grip sling based on its features and its price. I don’t think you will find a comparable sling for this amount of money.

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Best Tactical Two-Point Sling – Viking Tactics VTAC Sling

tactical sling

First things first, let’s discuss the differences between a tactical two-point sling and a traditional field sling.

Typical field slings are designed for comfort when traversing terrain with a bolt action hunting rifle. Tactical two-point slings are a specialized version that allows more adjustments, more rifle positions, and quicker weapon deployment. All of these things point to a sling that is designed for combat or law enforcement operations.

Viking Tactical produces a wide variety of accessories for AR-15 style rifles, including some of the best tactical slings on the market.

This VTAC two-point tactical sling is a proven product that works. Many U.S. Military personnel routinely use the VTAC two-point sling during com at operations in dangerous conditions. The features of the VTAC sling attest to Viking Tactical’s attention to the details.


Versatility is the name of the game in tactical two-point slings. The more options you have, the better. In a tactical situation, comfort may not be the most pressing issue. Having your weapon at the ready and easily accessible is the watchword. The VTAC sling gives you all the versatility you may demand.


A good tactical two-point sling gives you control and accessibility. With the VTAC sling, you can set up to keep your rifle close to your body to control movement.

With a single pull of the tensioner on the sling, the sling will automatically extend to the perfect length for firing your rifle. When it is time to move, pull the tab and your rifle snugs back against your body.

tactical gun sling

You can just as easily adjust the VTAC sling to use it as a traditional field sling or wear it cross-body over your weak-side shoulder. In this position, you can carry your weapon in front of your body in a ready position or flip it to your back if you need your hands to perform other tasks.


Many first-time tactical sling users are aghast when they get a VTAC sling out of the package.

They are immediately convinced the sling is far too long for them and their firearm. I always counsel them to remember that this is a combat sling and is intended for use by someone wearing a full combat field kit, including bulky body armor.

Most operators are aware of this fact and know that a few strips of duct tape can tame the excess length of the strapping. I recommend that you not cut the excess length. You never know what to expect, and that extra adjustment length may come in handy.

Weight and Strength

I was amazed the first time I picked up a VTAC sling. It felt like it weighed nothing. I was concerned that the strength and durability of this sling would be suspect.

You need not worry about strength, performance, or durability. The VTAC sling is built to take almost anything you can toss its way. The material is first class, the construction is first-rate, and the ruggedness is unmatched.

Padding and Comfort

VTAC hasn’t forgotten about comfort. If you have spent hours on the move carrying a loaded rifle or stood watch for endless hours, you know how uncomfortable a rifle sling may become.

The VTAC sling has a layer of padding built into the sling that makes carrying your rifle much less of a chore.

Pros and Cons of the Viking Tactical VTAC Tactical Two Point Sling

  • Maximum adjustability results in a wide variety of configurations and carry possibilities.
  • Quick transition from carry position to shooting position with one pull of a tab.
  • Can be attached to your rifle stock in a variety of ways for comfort and efficiency.
  • Easy conversion and change to your sling configuration saves time.
  • Works well with both rifles and shotguns.
  • A bit pricier than other tactical two-point slings.
  • It may be too complicated for some shooters.

Why I Chose the Viking Tactical VTAC Two Point Tactical Sling

The first word that comes to mind is “performance.”

This sling not only excels at what it does, but it also allows you to excel at your mission. You can configure it to fit almost any situation. Not only is it versatile, but it is rugged, reliable, and built to take punishment.

You may not anticipate needing this kind of performance, but isn’t it nice to know you have it if you need it?

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Start With Your Needs and Understand Your Expectations

You may be looking for a sling for your favorite hunting firearm or for a shotgun. In either case, owning what you expect and what you need are the controlling factors in sling choice.

Before you order or purchase a two-point sling, ask the right questions. A two-point sling is a valuable asset on your rifle that should not be disco

Dennis Howard

A life long hunter, fisherman, and outdoorsman, after surviving a devastating tornado in his home town, he saw the effects on people’s lives as they struggled to cope. He built his first bugout bag a few weeks later and has been a dedicated prepper/survivalist since that time. After a career as a fireman, Dennis opened a retail store (FFL approved) catering to the military, law enforcement, and like-minded individuals. The store built their own AR platforms. Furthermore, Dennis was also an NRA instructor in both long gun and handgun as well as a certified range safety officer. Read his full interview here.

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