Biden Admin Discussing Having the National Guard Takeover the Ports and Trucking

National Guard

“The White House has looked into deploying the National Guard as a potential solution to the supply-chain crisis”, according to reports from The Washington Post and CNN.

As the manufactured crisis stretches into the 18th month, the “new normal” seems to mean continuing shortages, the destruction of our country, the loss of our freedoms, and the militarization of our economy and industries via the National Guard.

For 18 months, the National Guard has been slowly consolidating power for the federal government, replacing hard-working Americans in the healthcare industry and manning vaccination and testing sites throughout the country. In New York, they are set to replace unvaccinated healthcare workers, healthcare workers who were on the frontlines of the so-called pandemic, that will now lose their jobs so the healthcare industry can be militarized under federal control.

When asked whether the government would consider sending the National Guard to help unload cargo ships in Southern California or help ease a national shortage of truck drivers, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said on Tuesday that the Administration has not taken “options off the table.” Similarly, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg told NBC that the National Guard has not been ruled out as a potential solution.”

Pete Buttigieg

Buttigieg, who we are told is a “man”, has been out on “maternity leave” since August with his gay lover — because apparently men, who can’t actually give birth. now need months away from work when they adopt a child to recover from???

While Buttigieg has been away from the office, playing Mr. Mom, the shortages have worsened, Cargo ships have been stuck offshore unable to unload goods, and the price of food has skyrocketed. The White House told reporters Tuesday that a “range of officials” are in change of the agency while Buttigieg is spending time with his husband and two babies.

The Militarization of Industry?

Don’t be shocked when you pull up to Starbucks, and a member of the National Guard is handing you your coffee soon along with instructions on how to get your 30th booster shot!

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