Democrats Confirm, IRS will Monitor all Banking Deposits Over $600 and Ignore 4th Amendment

Still think the last 18 months was about a virus? Think again, this was nothing more than war being declared on Freedom, and the so-called “COVID” pandemic was only a precursor to what is coming.

This morning, Democrat House leader Nancy Pelosi confirmed that they will be shredding your 4th amendment rights and adding bank account reporting and tracking to the reconciliation bill, requiring banks to report every transaction that you make over $600.

This morning a reporter asked Pelosi, “Banks are starting to get calls from customers…They’re concerned about this tracking of transactions that (are) greater than $600. So, Americans are starting to be worried about this.” The reporter asked Pelosi if she thinks the plan is going to stay in the reconciliation bill?

“Yes,” Pelosi said. She said “yes” five times, in fact: “I mean, with all due respect, the plural of anecdote is not data. I’ve said that before here. Yes, there are concerns that some people have, but if people are breaking the law and not paying their taxes, one way to track them is through the banking measure. I think $600, that’s a negotiation that will go on as to what the amount is. But, yes.”

You get that, your 4th amendment rights to be protected from against unreasonable searches and seizures is about to go right out the window.

From crashing global economies, creating manufactured food crisis after crisis, and destroying small businesses throughout the world to convincing the useful idiots of the world to install tracking devices on their phones and accept “contract tracing” as a ruse to end the pandemic, the writing is on  the wall – FREEDOM IS FUCKED!

This is exactly what we’ve been warning about for years, and why we have been writing article after article warning that the so-called pandemic was nothing more than a sideshow to distract your from what these evil fuckers are doing. Make no mistake, when Rand Paul warned earlier this week that they are creating watchlists of dissenters, he wasn’t be hyperboulias, he was telling you what is happening in D.C.!

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