Fauci Opens Door to More Lockdowns Over Latest Magic Variant

The never-ending attempt to strip every last semblance of freedom from the public got another booster shot in the ass today from our own modern-day Dr. Josef Mengele, AKA Dr. Anthony Fauci, who is now saying that the American Public should be prepared to do “anything and everything” to fight the spread of the new COVID-19 variant Omicron – including another round of lockdowns.

The U.S. had already said it would restrict travel for non-U.S. citizens from South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Lesotho, Eswatini, Mozambique and Malawi.

“Inevitably, it will be here. The question is will we be prepared for it? If and when, and it’s going to be when, it comes here hopefully we will be ready for it,” Fauci added. Fauci will be meeting Sunday with President Joe Biden and the Covid response team to discuss the variant and the administration’s response, a White House official said.

The latest attempt to use Biderman’s Chart of Coercion to psychologically break the populous and enact total control!

Of course, as we wrote about yesterday, we believe this is simply the latest attempt to break the public’s spirit by using Biderman’s Chart of Coercion. While the evil fuck Fauci attempts to threaten you with more loses of your freedom, the truth is this latest so-called variant seems to have started with the very people they told you would be protected, the vaccinated.

According to the South African government, the so-called variant seems to have been first detected in 4 fully vaccinated people — but this news will soon be buried, so they can pretend the magic jab had nothing to do with spawning the latest round of bullshit.

On top of this seeming to be a pandemic of the vaccinated, this new variant according to South African doctors is so mild that the media’s attempts to use it to push panic is nothing short of evil.

Dr. Angelique Coetzee said she first became aware of the new variant at her private doctor’s office in the South African city of Pretoria when patients came in with symptoms “different” to other strains, she told The Telegraph. Dr. Coetzee told the publication: “Their symptoms were so different and so mild from those I had treated before.”

They are Never going to STOP!

As we have been saying since this started, these bastards are never going to stop until people stop playing along with this mindfuck. They have found away to enact total control over the populous, and until people break free from the never-ending cycle of fear, it seems we are destined to keep riding this one way train of oppression straight into the destruction of everything we have built.

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