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I had this article published on Survival Pulse for quite a long time, but since pulling down the website and taking the news updates completely underground, this article has vanished from the net. I took down a significant number of pages from the site, including this one showcasing the free survival e-books you can get.

Still valuable information, but no longer has a place over on the Survival Pulse website, so I figured I’d stick the article on here for anyone who may be interested.

Not all the time, but often enough, there are books on Amazon that are billed in at $0 and thus completely free to download. While the books are from the Kindle eStore, you don’t have to buy a Kindle eReader to take advantage of them: just download the Kindle App for your computer, tablet, or phone and you’re good to go.

If you want to purchase a Kindle eReader anyway (the battery life is excellent, meaning you can continue to access all your valuable survival information on a Kindle with a simple solar charger – even in a SHTF situation), you can buy a Kindle eReader here.

If you’re interested, also take a look at the most popular survival and preparedness books on the web.

survival preparedness ebooks outdoor wilderness prep free pdfs

Find Free Survival & Prepper Ebooks

I used to have a huge list of free eBook covers posted here for you to click through, but I found that while at the time of posting, the eBooks were all $0, prices would change sporadically, sometimes bouncing back and forth between $1.99, .99, and free, other times skyrocketing to $6 or so. Either way, I found the way I’d done things wasn’t as helpful as it could be. It wasn’t very convenient to click on each individual book to see if it was still on sale or at a good price, and it was impossible for me to keep updating the list with newly free books, so I changed the structure of this post.

Now I have it so that the links below are not going to take you directly to free eBooks. What they are going to do is take you to pages that arrange Amazon eBooks by lowest price to highest price per topic, which will help you find out if there are free/cheap eBooks being offered, and further, if there are any quality eBooks on sale/currently going for a really cheap price that you might like to grab.

I cannot promise there will be free eBooks available when you happen to look, but be sure to come back and check regularly, because it does happen, and I’ve seen people grab tonnes of free survival, prepping, security, first aid, and other valuable prepper topic related eBooks this way.

Without further ado, feel free to use the links below to see if there happen to be free survival & prepper eBooks on Amazon right now:

Have You Found Any Free Survival eBooks?

Have you found any free survival, prepping, gear, first aid, security, gardening, or any other prepper-related topic eBook before? Did you find it on Amazon or elsewhere? Which book was it? What did you think of the eBook?

Let me know in the comments section down below!

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