Preppers List Their Favourite Gear

This article is a follow up of a post I made just a couple weeks ago asking you guys to recommend the prepper gear you use and love.

The question came about because I’d made an article listing the best prepper gear I could think of without price point being much of a factor. I tried to concentrate on high-end products I thought would make long-term survival easier, and while some thought I made decent suggestions, others thought I should’ve recommended different products.

Well, I’m not one who minds being corrected, so I turned the table onto you guys, asking you to list which prepper gear you’ve found in your experience to be the very best – favourites you’d come across and been using as well as any items you’d pretty much be happy to recommend to other preppers and survivalists – no matter how expensive or cheap. The result? It’s obvious – I ended up with a huge list of quite a few excellent gear recommendations as well as some great conversation on the topic of using that gear.

hazard-4-sling-pack-prepper-bug-out-bagHazard 4 Switchback Sling Backpack – Amazon / Walmart

So here I am compiling the responses I got in the comments section of that post into a few different sections. I have listed Section 1: knives, Section 2: machetes, Section 3: air rifles, golocks, tomahawks, & multitools, Section 4: at-home, BOB, & EDC gear, and Section 4: wilderness survival & bushcraft supply recommendations. That should make it a lot easier to scroll down to the sections you’re interested in and skip over the ones you’re not. Grouped together, the following can essentially be seen as a list of prepper gear preppers are happy to recommend to other preppers.

Want to share your personal favourite products? Have your own suggestions to add to this list? Approve of someone else’s recommendation and want to jump in with a +1 so that others know the gear picked out is great? Please drop a comment down below and when I update this post, I’ll do my best to work in as many more gear recommendations and nods of approval as I can.

Without futher ado, reader recommendations of prepper gear sorted by category.

spec-plus-marine-raider-bowie-ontario-knives-prepper-list-recommendationsOntario SP10 Marine Raider Bowie – Amazon / Blade HQ

Prepper Knife Recommendations

1. Ontario SPEC Plus SP-6 Fighting Knife

Recommended by Tom Elliott. He’s a fan of the Ontario Spec Plus line of knives, though also states in case you’re not the biggest fan of Ontario: “Whichever brand you choose, get a full tang knife (the blade steel goes the full length of the handle).” For survival applications, full tang knives are the best.

Availability: AmazonBlade HQeBay

2. Ontario SPEC Plus SP-2 Air Force

Another solid Tom Elliott recommendation. Plus a few wise words on buying prepper knives from him: “Whatever you prefer don’t be afraid to spend the $$ to get the best you can afford, you can’t send them in for warranty replacement in a SHTF situation.”

Availability: AmazonBlade HQeBay

3. Gerber Prodigy

This knife was recommended by Moonshade, who states that the Gerber Prodigy is excellent as a combat/survival knife.

Availability: AmazonBlade HQeBay

4. Fallkniven A1

Recommended by Jake W. Why this knife? Jake says it’s “a do-everything knife which won’t break, the convex grind maintains a working edge forever, and won’t corrode.”

Availability: AmazonBlade HQeBay

5. ESEE 6

Also recommended by Jake W, though more as a second choice. On the topic of the ESEE 6, he says – “Esee-6 is a good knife as well, with a great warranty, but high carbon steel will corrode and it doesn’t maintain a working edge as long as the Fallkniven.”

Availability: AmazonBlade HQeBay

prepper-listed-machete-recommendation-gerber-gatorGerber Gator Machete Saw Back Outdoor Knife – Amazon / Walmart

Prepper Machete Recommendations

leatherman-signal-prepper-multi-toolLeatherman Signal Wilderness Survival Multi-Tool – AmazonWalmart

Prepper List of Recommended Air Rifles, Golocks, Tomahawks, & Multi-Tools

1. Benjamin Trail Air Rifle

OutdoorsGuy stated he uses the Benjamin Trail. Stated that his Benjamin Trail is an “inert gas powered pellet rifle with the 4X40 scope on it.” Further, he states, “If I can see a squirrel or a rabbit in that scope, chances are it will be dead after the first pellet. This rifle is dead accurate up to about 40 yards as long as the wind isn’t blowing like crazy, and it has a 2 stage trigger like a more expensive target rifle is equipped with and would be powerful enough to bring down a bird as large as a pheasant or a grouse if you could catch one sitting. I am not much of a wing shot but food is food in a survival situation so you take it any way you can.”

Availability: AmazoneBay

2. Condor Pack Golok

Danjo‘s recommendation. About the Condor Pack Golok he says: “One of the best surprises has been my Condor Pack Golok. It cost around $70.00 (US), and is a MONSTER at chopping. It has an 11 inch blade and is about 1/4 inch thick. To me, it chops better than most hatchets I’ve used, and can be used as a machete as well. It’s very well balanced and comes with the usual awesome leather sheath. 1075 carbon steel. I’ve taken it camping a few times and have easily chopped through 12-16 inch logs in no time.”

Availability: AmazonBlade HQeBay

3. United Cutlery M48 Tomahawk

Government Mule mentioned he keeps this particular tomahawk in his get home bag.

Availability: AmazoneBay

4. Sog Powerlock V-Cutter Multitool

Moonshade mentioned the SOG Powerlock as a multi-tool he’s used and trusts.

Availability: AmazonBlade HQeBay

lifestraw-listed-prepper-top-choiceLifeStraw Personal Water Filter – Amazon / Walmart

List of At-Home, BOB, & EDC Prepper Gear Recommended

Preppers List of Ideal Wilderness Survival & Bushcraft Supplies


Your Prepper Gear Recommendations

Now it’s time to list your prepper gear recommendations in the comments down below.

What have been your favourites over the years?

Any gear you think is missing from this list?

Let me know by leaving a comment!

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