They have Destroyed the Military! They are creating WOKE soldiers who Cannot Fight!

I could write a long drawn-out article on how the powers that be are deliberately destroying the U.S. military, purging patriotic Americans from the forces, and replacing them with WOKE vaccinated, sissy soldiers who are being indoctrinated to fight social justice causes instead of wars, or I could just show you this video of our new ARMY forces, masked, emasculated, led by a woman, and singing about social justice.

Or, we could show you the video of Biden talking about body armor and military uniforms for pregnant woman, and transgendered forces!

Or, we can show you how the Marine Expeditionary Force’s is being triggered online and calling opponents “boomers” instead of preparing for war!


Trannies in Uniform

Remember when the military was meant to fight wars and protect our country, not dress up in drag and push social justice issues?

Shirts of Liberty

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