VIDEO: Survival Ready Everyday Carry

Our survival and preparedness start with what we wear and carry. In this video, Jason Salyer gives a thorough breakdown of not only his daily carry but also his average clothing. You’ll notice that he prioritizes the ability to address a variety of situations, along with compartmentalization and organization of gear.

While many articles and videos focus on carrying a bag or pack that’s stocked full of gear, your first-level gear should literally be on you at all times. That’s rarely realistic for gear that’s carried in a backpack. This video will give you a great primer on what to carry, where to carry it, and how to be prepared without going overboard.

You can find many of the items that Jason references at They specialize in making accessories that allow you to carry a survival kit on your person all of the time. Just check out their Instagram for some tips on what you can pack into the belt featured in the video.

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