With over 93% Fully vaxxed, Ireland reinstates COVID Curfew and Pandemic Restrictions

Ireland, home to one of Europe’s highest vaccination rates, is getting ready to yet again clamp down on public freedoms as Prime Minister Micheál Martin announced a midnight curfew on bars, restaurants, and nightclubs from Thursday – because apparently, COVID is only active at night?

Martin said the country’s rise in infections is “a cause of deep concern” as he unveiled a swathe of new measures aimed at “reducing socialization across the board.”

Their answer to the failed vaccination campaign? Vaccine passports and never-ending booster shots.

One would think that any rational person would start to ask the question, has the vaccination program been a complete failure? When 93% of your population is vaccinated, and you still haven’t managed to control the so-called pandemic, why double down on this insanity?

Well, that seems to be the plan, doubling down on insanity. In Northern Ireland, ministers voted to require people to provide a passport or proof of a Covid test result to access nightclubs, pubs, or restaurants.

What was called a conspiracy theory only a couple of months ago, is now becoming a reality in many parts of the world. Scotland, Wales, and now Northern Ireland have all voted to bring in Covid vaccine passports – along with many countries across Europe.

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