Is This The Beginning Of The End?

I’m going to say something that I don’t normally say; that is, I don’t think the United States is going to be around a whole lot longer.

I regret having come to that conclusion, but I can’t ignore the fact of it. When I look around at what is happening in our country today, I have to ask myself if I’m seeing the beginning of the end.

But my conclusion that the United States isn’t going to make it doesn’t come from what I see going on around me; it comes from the Bible. I know that might seem a little bit strange, but I feel that I have solid biblical standing on what I’m saying.

For you see, when I look at End Time prophecy, I don’t see the United States mentioned in any way, not even symbolically. Considering that the United States is the one-world superpower and that nothing happens in the world without our involvement in some way or another, I can’t see how the events foretold for the End Times can occur, without US involvement, if the US remains as a superpower.

Therefore, I am forced to conclude that the United States of America must not be able to intervene in world events when the events mentioned in the Bible come to pass. That, in turn, means that either the United States ceases to be as a political entity or has been weakened so much by internal problems, that we are unable to make an impact on the world stage. Neither option is very attractive.


With that as a foundation, I see a lot of corroborating evidence in what’s happening in the country today. More than anything, what I see is division. We no longer have any one thing that holds us together. In fact, we have a lot of people who are working hard to drive us apart.

That’s what identity politics is all about. It’s an “us versus them” way of looking at life, which is fostered by some for political gain. They want to divide the American people, denying us anything that holds us together, so as to have an excuse for taking our liberty and exercising more control over us. It is a near-perfect application of the concept to “divide and conquer” and most of us don’t even see it happening all around us.

Nowhere do we see this division more than in politics. Our country’s political system was intentionally created in a way to cause people of different views to come together and seek out the middle ground. Yet today we have a system where political parties are demanding that things be their way, without any willingness to make concessions to give anything to the other side in return.

Sadly, this division isn’t just happening in the halls of Congress, it has infected our society at every level. We have reached a point where people are breaking off relationships with others based upon political affiliation. Sadly, most of that is based upon a misunderstanding of the other side’s ideology, listening to what those working to cause the division are saying, rather than listening to what people say for themselves or looking to see whether their actions line up with what they are saying.

Where is it Taking Us?

As I look at what’s happening in our country today, I see a serious marked increase in violence. The amount of death and destruction following Floyd George has been much greater than that which followed the killings of Michael Brown or Eric Garner. More cities have held protests and there have been more riots which have broken out of those protests, than for any of the killings before.

Please allow me to reiterate something I said last week; I don’t believe the peaceful protesters are the ones who are starting the riots. From everything I’ve been able to see; those peaceful protests have been hijacked by bad actors, most likely paid agitators sent in to bring about the very violence they created. There are those working behind the scenes who are intentionally trying to bring about social unrest and destruction, under the cover of a legitimate protest.

The sad thing about that is that the legitimate protesters are being blamed for what the paid agitators are doing. That doesn’t help anything, and in fact pushes us closer to the possibility of a racial civil war; something that may be the actual goal of those working behind the scenes

Should this turn into racial civil war, we’ll see a bloodbath the likes of which this nation has never seen before. The killings that were done by the KKK will be nothing, in comparison to what we might see in the future. It will go in both directions, but it is the minorities who will end up suffering the most.

The creating of CHAZ, now renamed CHOP, is a very scary portent in this ongoing struggle. The creation of an “autonomous zone” that is not subject to US laws, smack dab in the midst of an American city, is not something that can or even should be ignored by authorities. Yet that is exactly what is happening. The mayor of Seattle and the governor of the state of Washington are allowing these people to thumb their noses at government authority, without any repercussions in sight.

Make no mistake, CHAZ or CHOP isn’t just an “autonomous zone,” it’s a zone of anarchy; and like other places where anarchy reigns in the world, a warlord has risen up to take over. The only questions that yet remain are in regard to how violent things will get.

Fortunately, CHAZ hasn’t succeeded in exporting their particular brand of hate to the rest of the country yet. A similar group tried to rise up in Portland, making camp outside the mayor’s house. But that one lasted mere minutes, as the mayor, who I understand had previously been supportive of CHAZ, called the police to disband the “disturbance” in front of his house.

Should the actions of those in Seattle take hold in other parts of the nation, we could see a gradual destruction of our social fabric, as more and more parts of the country fall under the control of warlords. Anarchy will gradually become the norm, rather than an oddity. The rule of law will mean nothing and we will see these warlords begin fighting amongst themselves, as they try to take over more and more land.

That’s what has happened elsewhere and if our government officials don’t get a handle on things, that could very well happen here. But it’s hard to put a stop to actions that half of the nation’s politicians support because they are ultimately about tearing the nation apart.

On the International Stage

There are three things that give America legitimacy as both the world’s number one superpower and as the world’s police, on the international stage. They are:

  • The size and might of our military
  • The size and strength of our economy
  • Domestic stability

The current situation actually has the potential of undermining all three of these. Should insurrection within our borders reach a point where the president feels he is forced to use military forces to quell those disturbances, it will draw away military force from their many overseas missions. This is something our military hasn’t had to do in the past, unlike some other countries, whose militaries spend more time acting as national police, than as a military force.

Our economy has already taken a huge hit from the COVID-19 pandemic and our government’s actions in regard to it. Rioters destroying millions of dollars of businesses and preventing businesses to operate as normal is just adding another hit on top of the one we’ve already taken. Sadly, it is the small businesses in those communities who are suffering the greatest from this, as it is their livelihoods that are being destroyed.

Finally, anyone looking at the international news coverage of what’s happening in the United States is seeing the amount of unrest that we are experiencing. They are being fed a very carefully crafted narrative, making the United States out to be the most racist nation on the face of the Earth, where blacks are hunted and killed by the police. In other words, they’re being told that we are actively practicing genocide, something universally considered to be a crime against humanity.

It doesn’t matter that our military is still strong, as is our economy and the genocide that is supposedly occurring is a media myth; it is the perception of these things that is important. As long as the world sees the United States in this light, our power and influence overseas are diminished. Other nations will stop looking to the USA for help and turn instead to the United Nations.

While that might sound good, the UN has become one of the world’s leading proponents of a one-world government. When nations look to the USA for help and guidance, it is looking at a source of help that historically promotes self-determination. When they look to the UN, it is looking to an organization that is bent on bringing them under subjugation. There’s a huge difference.

What About You and I?

So where does this leave you and me? To start with, we need to go back to where I started this article. That is, the United States, as we know it, is probably going to go down. It may not happen this year or next year. It may not even happen in this decade. But I think it’s fairly certain that it is going to happen eventually. Whether that is due to being torn apart internally or by some rogue nation hitting us with an EMP, the probability of it happening is too high to ignore.

Without the national cohesiveness and unity needed to hold us together, any such conflict will surely tear us apart. As former President John F. Kennedy famously said, quoting Abraham Lincoln “A house divided against itself cannot prevail.” Unless we find a way to bring this house back together, we are that house and we cannot prevail.

That’s the scenario we need to be prepared for, a total collapse of our country. It may happen in stages or looking in the light of what’s been happening lately, we may see it happen as the accumulation of many separate things, all piling on top of each other. But either way, it is likely to come.

Believe it or not, that’s not as hopeless a message as it may sound. While I fully expect that our nation is going to go through hard times, I still have hope. This nation was the only nation in the history of the Earth that was actually founded to be a Christian nation. While we have not necessarily fulfilled that call as well as we should have, it is still built into our foundation. Many of us may have forsaken God, but I don’t yet believe that He has forsaken us.

For myself, I will endeavor to take no sides, other than that of the Lord. Yet, at the same time, I will defend the lives of those I love. That will probably be seen to be taking one side or another by whoever tries to attack us. For when whatever civil war comes, there will be many who will take the stand “if you’re not with me, you’re against me.”

In reality, that war probably won’t be the sweeping war that our country endured in the 1860s, but rather a thousand smaller battles fought out on a local level. But it will be devastating nevertheless. It will distract the energies of this country from other important things and it will force you and me to focus on protecting those who are close to us, perhaps at the cost of our businesses, our jobs, and even our homes.

Should the United States go down, it will rise again; perhaps not as the United States of America, but as something else. It might even be several different nations. I can’t see that far. But it is up to you and me to survive whatever might befall us so that we can be those counted as having hands that build-up, rather than hands that break down. We will become an important part of putting our communities and our nation back together; but only if we survive.

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