VIDEO: The Ultimate Bug Out Rigs of Overland Expo Pt. 2

Last weekend 28,000 overland and off-road enthusiasts gathered at Fort Tuthill Park in Flagstaff, Arizona. Our very own Tyler White was there looking for equipment to outfit his truck, but he was also checking out all of the amazing rigs that people have built for extended backcountry travel.

In this video, Tyler gets a tour of the EarthCruisers Terra Nova model. This is truly a next level truck with many features that rival those found in modern homes. With over 50 gallons of fresh water capacity, additional filtration capabilities, a composting toilet, and solar panels paired with lithium batteries, the Terra Nova is an amazing rig right of the EarthCruiser shop.

Not every bug out plan requires a dedicated rig. In this video Tyler checks out a Vorsheer trailer, which is a very capable platform for long-term sustainment in the backcountry. With a trailer you can easily tow it behind your daily driver and leave it packed and ready all of the time. This trailer may just be the best option for many preppers that are looking for a great mobile basecamp for bug out situations.

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