VIDEO: A Quick and Easy Pole Barn for Shelter and Storage

At Survivopedia we appreciate all kinds of survival knowledge. While bugging out, get-home bags, and other exciting concepts receive a lot of attention, being able to take care of yourself at home is equally important. While food and supply preps are great, skillsets are another good thing to collect.

In this video, Jason Salyer gives us a quick and easy rundown of how to build a pole barn to keep equipment, animals, and whatever else you have dry and secure. While building your own barn might seem like a daunting task, with a few materials, an extra set of hands, and the tips included in this video, you’ll be able to get the process started.

Once you have the foundation and poles set and the beginnings of a roof started, you can use whatever is available for siding and finalize your roofing material. Hopefully, Jason will share the finished project with it once his pole barn is complete.

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